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("A" Coy., 12th Cornwall (Land's End) Battalion)

At some stage during the war - probably in 1944 and perhaps at the time of stand-down - members of the nos. 8 and 9 Platoons, comprising "A" Company of the 12th Cornwall (Land's End) Battalion, Home Guard, decided to commemorate their service.  In so doing they left us with a delightful record of the activities of a unit in the, at that time, remote south-west of England, near to Penzance and defending areas including Gulval, Long Rock and others mentioned in this history.

Unusually this record was written in verse, to be enjoyed by fellow members and their families. There is just one clue as to the identity of the poet: "C.T": perhaps this was C. Tregoning. Was the booklet a December creation, to help celebrate another wartime Christmas of blackout and rationing; but at least this year without the chore and discomfort of Home Guard patrols and with the prospect of peace finally on the horizon?  How good it would be to know more!

This website page contains:

   - the entire complement of these two Platoons, for ease of online reference,  and
   - a reproduction of the entire booklet containing the Platoons' record.

Allen, J.
Allen, A. J.
Allen, C.
Annetts, J.

Buckley, C. H. S.
Bolitho, J. T.
Bryant, W.
Bolitho, W. R.
Brooks, J. S.
Blewett, G. J.
Bennetts, S.
Barnicoat, F. A.
Bryant, F.
Bryant, F., Sen.
Burroughs, W. G.
Botterell, W.
Botterell, C.
Barnes, W. H.
Bridgeman, J.
Bidwell, B.

Curtis, L.
Corin, R.
Coak, W. S.
Carbis, M.
Cornish, W. C.
Curnow, H.
Cornish, R. A.
Cain, W. D.
Crowl, J. H.
Castellow, S.
Colenso, W.
Cock, P.

Drew, E. J.
Daniels, R.
Dawe, F.
Dawe, J. H.
Daniel, L. R.
Daniel, G. W.
Davy, W. A.
Dingle, A. C.
Denton, J.

Eddy, J.
Eddy, C.
Eddy, W.
Eddy, T. B.
Eddy, A.
Eddy, W.
Evans, A. R.
Easterbrook, W. K. J.
Farley, J.
Freemantle, G. R.

Guy, J. T.
Glanville, E.
Guard, J. T.
Grenfell, W.
Grenfell, P. T.
Gee, H. G.
Gribble, S.
Gribble, B.
Gribble, J.

Hosking, W.
Hutchens, J.
Harwood, J.
Holmes, R. J.
Hall, Terry
Hall, T.
Hall, W. C.
Hall, W. C., Jun.
Hosking, R. E. F.
Hall, J. M.
Harvey, R.
Holland, W. W.
Hunt, W.

Jasper, W.
Jeffery, R. L.
James, W. C.
Jelbert, R. J.

Jelbert, T. J.
Jelbert, J.
Jenkin, C.
James, A. G.
James, W. F. C.
Jenkin, S. W.

Kelynack, E. A.
King, J. H. C.

Lawrey, T.
Leah, G.
Leah, A. G.
Lavin, G.
Lawrey, J. G.
Lawrey, G.
Leah, R. H.
Lutey, H. T.
Lutey, W. R.
Lawson, A. J.

Matthews, E.
Matthews, A. R.
Mollard, J. H.
Mann, H.
Mann, P.
Mann, T.
Mann, E. G.
Moon, W. D.
Matthews, A.
Malone, E.

Old, L.
Ollearnshaw, H.
Osborne, W. C.

Perry, C. S.
Potter, P.
Price, D.
Penhaul, W. J.
Prowse, J. L.
Phillips, M. T.
Prowse, S.
Phillips, R. J.
Penberthy, T.
Penberthy, A. J.
Penberthy, S.
Pearce, J.
Phillips, S.
Pascoe, T.
Prowse, W. R.
Phillips, W.

Richards, W.
Richards, S.
Richards, R. T.
Richards, R. H.
Rich, W. C.
Rich, E.
Rowe, G.
Rowe, W. J.
Richards, W. G.
Roberts, E.
Robinson, A. G.
Rolfe, F. V.
Rowe, H.
Roberts, J.

Scobey, D.
Sampson, T.
Stone, D.
Sleeman, C.
  Sandoe, L.
Stevens, G.
Suett, J. B.
Stevens, J. H.

Stone, G. L.
Stephens, R. J.
Sandrey, L.
Stevens, P.
Stevens, J. B.
Stevens, A.
Semmens, C.
Sellick, F.

Tregoning, C.
Tregoning, T.
Tregoning, D. F.
Trevenen, J.
Tripp, K.
Turner, A. H.
Tripp, R.
Thomas, M.

Uren, B.

Venn, W.
Venn, V.
Venn, E.

Williams, J.
Williams, C.
Williams, W. H.
Williams, J. E.
Williams, F.
Wallis, J.
Wallis, J. G.
Wallis, G.
Wallis, R. H.
Williams, R.
Wills, A. E.
Whitley, W. J. C.
Wilkes, E.
Whiting, I. A.
Wallis, C. E.
Woolcock, R.
Woolcock, D.
Woolcock, A.
Willcocks, J.
Wharton, E. H.
Wakfer, T.
Williams, E. A.
Wallis, W.

Yglesias, V. L. F.



Grateful acknowledgement is made to Will Ward
(see also British Resistance Archive) for generously providing the above information to staffshomeguard; to the publishers of this delightful booklet; and, not least, to the gifted poet within the unit.


In Memory of
1st - 14th Cornwall Battalions