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The Webmaster would like to obtain a scan of an original print of this photograph, if one still exists, for inclusion within this site.  The image above and the higher definition version are taken from a printed image and are thus of low quality.  Also the identity of those appearing is sought: only a few of the men have so far been identified.  Yet almost every single man will have been mentioned within this site. BUT WHO IS WHO? PLEASE HELP - if you can, please go to

Individuals identified to date, counting from the LEFT:
(with thanks to RN, Cornwall; CM, Shropshire; NB, Yorkshire; MT, Streetly)

Back row:   none so far identified
5th Row:   5th from left - Lt. A. Barber, "E" Coy.
4th Row:  6th from left - Capt. H.M. Myers, "B" Coy.
3rd Row:  4th from left - Major W.G. Davies, C.O. "D" Coy.; 6th - Major F. Percy Stephens, M.C., C.O. "E" Coy.; 8th - Lt.Col. C. Cartwright, D.S.O., M.C., C.O., 32nd Battalion
2nd Row:     none so far identified
Front row:  9th from left - Lt. J. Gill, "D" Coy.; 10th - Lt. D. Massey, "D" Coy.