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course for subalterns was opened in November of that year. This was made possible by the injection into our lives of Torkington, a Territorial officer of over ten years' service with the Manchesters. He had been "disembodied" for essential war work, and added a H.G. commission to the one he already held. He swallowed the Beacon Camp "hook, line and sinker". For the next year or so he worked like a Trojan weekend after weekend, putting officers and other ranks as well as individual platoons through their paces. He contributed far more than he realizes to the general efficiency of the battalion. But time brings its changes, and eventually the call came for him to take over command of "F" Company.

To fill the gap caused by Torkington's departure from the Beacon, I appointed Myers.  Myers, from the start, had always figured in battalion training, for he had commanded our crack Demonstration Platoon of "B" Company. In that capacity he demonstrated to battalion, sector and zone. Without question he had no peer when it came to knowledge of weapons and tactics, both our own and the enemy's. But what is more important, he was an expert in practising what he preached. So he became our Training Officer, and who will ever forget his carefully thought-out training programmes or his excellent lectures at the Institute and his Beacon weekends? No battalion commander had a more enthusiastic and efficient staff officer than I had in Myers.


But what a story this is making, and I am running a risk of using up all my allotted  space before I have said half the amount I wish to say. So any that I do not mention by name must forgive me and let me take this opportunity of thanking one and all for the loyal support they have given me.

To get back to B.H.Q. personalities: Crawford, who will always be remembered as ready to be helpful on every occasion. He became, in addition to Bn. M.O., the S.M.O. to "H" Sector and promoted Lieutenant-Colonel. While serving with us, the O.B.E. was conferred upon him for his fine work in connection with the Boy Scout Movement in Staffordshire. A great soul and a pleasure to work with.

Pearman-Smith, our Liaison Officer, and absolutely fitted for the part. A grand confidante and adviser.

Fox, who filled Hodgkin's place as W.T.O. Thinking of the two of them together, I am not sure that I used the word "filled" in its right place! Hodgkin did some really fine work while he was with us, but Sector wanted him, and Fox was chosen to take his place. He made a grand job of it and became a most competent and reliable bombing instructor.

Moore, with that attractive smile, worked so hard and successfully in building up one of the most efficient signalling sections in the Garrison.

Ayres, who, until illness prevented his continuing, led such a fine devoted band of Intelligence men.            (......continues.....)