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A feature of H.G. throughout has been the changing ideas on Defence systems. Up to this time we have had three changes and there are more to follow. As soon as a new area has been taken over and defence works sited (sometimes dug) a change occurs and we start all over again. Despite our frequent grouses, we realise that it is giving us excellent experience.

The Platoon is asked to lecture and demonstrate to Sector School on personal camouflage and concealment, and a series of demonstrations is carried out covering all of the officers of the sector. All of the platoon take part, including new recruits, and illustrate quite effectively the many points which can save life in action - the use of shadow, close background, the fold in the ground, slow movement, and the camouflage of equipment and personnel. Many of the points brought out are ideas put forward by members of the platoon from personal experience on our local exercises and training.

Compulsion is introduced and all volunteers have the opportunity to resign. We all deplore this step, but find in practice that it makes no difference. No one takes advantage of the opportunity to part company with the H.G. and, as the Platoon gets no directed men, we remain volunteers in thought and action to the end.

A further revision of the defence arrangements involves the use of reinforcements from the 37th (Darlaston) Battalion and we are to receive two platoons. Previously, in common with most H.G. units, we have been attempting to cover ground with one platoon that really requires a battalion or brigade. Darlaston visit us on several occasions and join with us in training and exercises, including one full week-end stunt.

We take part in numerous exercises in attack and in defence, sometimes on a platoon scale, but more frequently, nowadays, with a much bigger formation, and on some of these big exercises units see no action and become exceedingly "browned off". The usual trouble persists as to who is dead and who isn't, a question which will only be answered when they issue ball ammunition on these stunts. We all shall remember the Battalion attack on Walsall earlier on, and of the milling mass of men, defence and attack, concentrated in the final stages around Sector H.Q.

Training still is keenly followed, mainly on revision nowadays, with new training introduced as and when circumstances demand. One such requirement is the Sten now on issue, which is taught to all, and gas equipment, which with respirator, eyeshield, cape, detectors and personal decontamination, require several hours to put over. Parade attendances remain good and over a six months' average each man on paper strength attends two parades per week in addition to guard duty.

Platoon guards have been dropped in favour of company guards, and this gives a very welcome relief : the period of guards






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