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L/Cpl. T. Hartshorne has been a consistent "star" throughout the series, particularly in the sprints, closely followed by Sergt. F. E. Wilkes, while in the middle- and long-distance races Sergt. C. Parkes, Lieut. H. J. Hooper, and Pte. S. A. Wesson have been grand performers year by year. In the field events our best high jumpers have been Cpl. E. Smith, with Pte. J. A. Smith and Lieut. G. C. Richards very near rivals, and Cpl. W. F. Paget has excelled in the long jump. The shot putting of C.S.M. Buck and Pte. G. Wynne was always of good style and standard.

The veterans were invariably well represented and raced with great determination and vigour. Team competitions, such as the inter-company


tug-of-war, were conducted in great spirit. "C" Company won the relay and tug-of-war twice and, for three successive years, "E" Company gained the award for the best company, but were beaten finally into second place by "C" Company in 1944.

The organisation of sports days involved a great deal of work and preparation, and a committee composed of Company representatives, under the chairmanship of Major J. Trevor-Jones, was responsible for this. The detailed arrangements of the sports themselves were the responsibility of the Battalion Sports Officer, who was supported by Major W. G. Davies, who contributed by his hard work and enthusiasm to the general success.