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I've never cared for very much, so I am not worried from that angle. It is a room at the Police Station which I share with six outsize Speed Cops and a member of the W.V.S. who comes in during the mornings, to help absorb the remaining spot of ozone. She is not here this afternoon, which is a pity, be-cause there's a lot of work come in and she's very restful on the eye and has a very nice shape if you like shapes.

The Speed Cops are also out on their jobs, so I am finding it very quiet. I am wishing someone would ring up and ask me to play golf. I feel I could just knock the L out of GOF this afternoon.

I am awakened by the telephone.

I give my well-known impersonation of an Orderly Room Corporal taking a call,  



because I am always of the opinion that it is a very good thing to be able to say I'm out if the bloke at the other end is a guy I don't care for a lot. It is the Zone Commander himself, so I tell him at once that I am in.

Now this Zone Commander is a very nice character indeed and generally asks me what time it is. Not that he hasn't a watch, but he likes to pull my leg about a little joke at my expense which I find it difficult to live down.

This little joke goes in this way: One day he comes along with the Area Commander, who is very anxious to have a look at our proposed sites for road blocks. About noon, we find ourselves near a golf club, where I am still looked upon as a member pending my reply to the secretary's last letter. Now, it occurred to me that this was an excellent opportunity for us to commit drinking. So I invite one and all to have something to kill any germs we may have picked up during the morning. I also think that sites for road blocks have far more appeal after a couple of what have you.

Whilst we are pleasantly occupied with this act, I go out to telephone our next halt to order lunch. During my absence the Area Commander thinks that perhaps the germs are not quite all dead and wishes to try the effect of the other half. So he asks the steward what my particular remedy is. The steward, after