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The Q.M. departs in the direction of his R/V with Mr. Morse and I return to H.Q. to 'phone this furniture merchant.

I am lucky. He answers the 'phone. I explain what's going forward and he says that this is just what his doctor ordered to brace up the old tissues, and he'll be with me in five minutes complete with car.

Now this is the sort of character I could fall for in a big way, and I make a note on my blotter to give him a stripe or get him mentioned in despatches or something.

Things are shaping very well indeed, and I feel justified in opening up the Armoury.

To do this I have to get a policeman and a key, because it isn't exactly an armoury, if you see what I mean. As a matter of fact, it's really a cooler at the Police Station which is very seldom occupied. In my opinion, this speaks very well for the habits of the local citizens.

I am getting the arms and ammunition into the yard when a small car pulls up at the gate and out pops our furnishing friend. He is a great big strong fellow, and I am delighted that he is able to join the party. He has with him a young character who, he tells me, is his shop assistant and is most anxious to join the L.D.V. if we are not full up. I make an appointment for him to attend at B.H.Q. tomorrow morning to be enrolled yesterday, and I detail him for the armed party.

We are just getting the last box of ammo into the car when dot-dot-dash dot-dot-dash comes from the street and, followed


closely by the Q.M. and a dog which has

evidently decided to join in the excitement, Mr. Morse comes pounding into the yard calling on one and all to tell him where the paratroops are.

"Where are they?" he shouts. "Just you let me get at 'em. I'll learn 'em to be ruddy Germans."

He seems very anxious indeed to meet these paratroops and calls them names which I should hardly have thought were known in these parts.

The shop-assistant recruit tells me that he has never handled a rifle and will feel much more at home if he could be issued with a catapult.