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"Well, it's like this," he goes on. "A small girl told a policeman that please Mr. Policeman she sees lots and lots of funny sojers falling out of a aryplane on to the arydrome. This information has been very carefully checked up and the conclusion now arrived at is that said small girl has pulled a fast one on us and the truth is not in her. So will you please recall your party."

At my request, he promises to let me know where the girl is buried in case I wish to send flowers.

Now this is a very awkward situation indeed, because I can't quite see how I'm going to get in touch with the party.



While I am thinking this one out the telephone puts on another record.  It is a police officer from (you know, the place where I got the guide).  He says: 

"Oi've got a message for you zur. Your party
be returned from the aerodrome and, from hinformation received, it seems that the whole show, as you moight call it, is in the nature of a 'oax as you moight say. Your party is now over at the "Swan" a-takin' of refreshment, in a manner o' speakin'. They wishes me to hinform you that they are enjoyin' their outin' very much indeed and that you need not sit up for 'em. And will you please to put the cat out and the key under the mat."