32nd Staffordshire (Aldridge) Battalion

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The following officers were officially listed as being attached to the 32nd (Aldridge) Battalion on 1st February 1941. Many of the names are mentioned in "Home Guarding" and elsewhere within this site, and are therefore to be found on the INDEX page.

A few of the men may have left the Battalion in the following three and a half years, due to advancing age, health or other commitments; and it is clear that others joined it later to make their own significant contribution to the Battalion, some no doubt transferring from other units. What is remarkable is the number of men on this list who served in the Home Guard from beginning to end, representing a period of concentrated voluntary service of nearly four and a half years.

Behind each of these 63 officers there stand 10 or 20 NCOs and Other Ranks. Regrettably there appears to be little remaining record of the equally devoted service of these many hundreds of men, apart from a few group photographs and mention in various sections of this site. If you have information about any member of the Battalion, whether he be the loftiest colonel or the humblest private, please use FEEDBACK.

Lieutenant Colonel
Cartwright, C., DSO, MC

Athey, J.W.
Crawford, H.G. (M.O.)
Goode, S.A., MM
Jones, J.T.
Pearman-Smith, W.S., DSO
Stephens, F.P., MC

Davies, W.G.
Harper, J.H.
Howarth, H.W.
Hume-Humphreys, T.J.H.
Smith, E.W.
Yates, H.R.

Arblaster, H.
Arch, A.E.
Beard, J.E.
Cotton, I.
Cresswell, W.C.
Dickson, N.R., MC
Driver, C.J.
Hilton, A.G.
Holland, H.S.
Ivey, T.C.
Jerromes, C.L.
Miller, G.L.
Mills, A.
Moseley, H.G.
Myers, H.M.
Scott, A.C.
Waldie, J.
Wheatley, H.R.

Second Lieutenant
Ayres, M.J.S.
Bond, L.W.
Butler, J.
Dainty, L.
Derry, B.
Davis, A.H.
Fereday, H.V.
Geddes, J.M., MM
Gething, F.F.
Giles, E.
Hackett, H.F.
Lakenham, A.C.
Lawrence, W.H.
Lindop, J.
Morgan, S.
Moore, J.T.
Morris, H.E.
Moss, M.A.
Myatt, N.
Mycock, G.
Naylor, B.
Norris, J.P.
Parker, W.T.
Pepper, T.C.
Ralph, J.L., MC
Richards, E.J.
Robinson, W.H.
Sargeant, R.
Smallwood, S.
Thatcher, H.D.
Tyrell, J.A.
Wadsworth, H.E.


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Information source: Home Guard List 1941 - Western Command published by Savannah Publications. Grateful acknowledgement is made to Savannah Publications, Jon Mills the compiler and the The Imperial War Museum. Further information on the above publication and its companion volumes, which provide the name of officers in every HG unit throughout the country, is available on the LINKS AND FURTHER READING page.



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