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Two invaluable articles were published in THE FLINTSHIRE COUNTY HERALD on 1st and 8th December 1944 which provide a unique record, respectively, of the life of the Holywell Home Guard - "D" Company, 3rd Flintshire Battalion - and a list of all its members at the date of stand-down, 3rd December 1944.

The information below is closely based on that contained in those articles.

(as published in the Flintshire County Herald, 1st December 1944)


The Holywell Section of the Local Defence Volunteers was formed at the end of May, 1940 by the late Major J. Primer Burns D.C.M., J.P., then chairman of the Holywell Urban District Council, from Volunteers who had signed on at Holywell and Caerwys Police Stations following Mr. Anthony Eden's appeal on May 16. 1940. As a high proportion of the Volunteers were ex-Servicemen of the last war, the Section very quickly became efficient despite the few weapons available. Uniform was an arm-band bearing the letters L.D.V.


In October of same year the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill. changed the name to "Home Guard", and the Section became D Coy. 3rd Flintshire Home Guard, with three Platoons in Holywell and one in Caerwys, with static sections at
the R.A.F. Maintenance Unit and the Courtaulds factory at Greenfield. Battalion HQ was in Rhyl.

When the Military authorities requisitioned the Drill Hall, Alderman Thomas Waterhouse J.P. kindly loaned the canteen at Rackfield for the Company HQ and the local Platoon was located at Compton House.

The Company was now equipped with American arms and machine guns. grenades and military clothing and were receiving instructions from officers and N.C.Os. of the Regular Army.

In February 1941, Major Burns resigned owing to ill-health, and the following officers were commissioned:
  Company Commander, Major Leo Schwarz. D.C.M.
  Second-in-Command, Capt. D. A. Lewis. M.C.
  Lieut. J. T. Jenkins
  Lieut. H. L. Hughes

The Company Rifle Range was constructed in the old quarry at Maesmynan (loaned by Mr. H. W. Davey. J.P.) and various defence works, by the voluntary labour of the members.

As the strength of the Company grew, the following additional officers were commissioned:
  Capt. Arthur Owen Jones (Medical Officer)
  Lieut. E. A. Price
  Lieut. E. J. Lewis. D.C.M.
  Lieut E. R. Skelton
  Lieut, E. N. Williams
  Lieut. R. R. Fowler,
  Lieut. D. Finlayson (succeeding Lieut. H. L. Hughes transferred to the Army)
  2nd Lieut. B. Jones
  Lieut. W. Hughes (transferred from Llangefni).

STAND-DOWN - December  3rd 1944

(As all danger of invasion or incursion had disappeared by the last weeks of 1944, the Home Guard, in North Wales and elsewhere, was finally stood down on Sunday, December 3rd 1944.  The day was marked by local parades by every Home Guard battalion  and a major, national parade in Central London in front of the King and Queen and the princesses; this huge event included several representatives from every single battalion throughout the U.K. The Flintshire County Herald reported on the local and national parades, as follows).

The 3rd Flintshire Battalion Home Guard, which includes the Holywell Home Guard, will assemble at Rhyl on Sunday next at 3 p.m. under the command Of Lieut.-Colonel G. H. Young, and will march past the saluting base in front of the Pavilion. The Salute will be taken by the Lord Lieutenant, Rear Admiral Rowley Conwy.

A member of the Company, Private Leslie James Smith of 6, Mill Terrace, Caerwys has been selected by the Battalion Commanding Officer, 3rd Flintshire, to to be one of representatives at the London March Past when the Salute will be taken
by His Majesty the King.

In common with other Home Guards, 4th Battalion Flintshire Home Guards will attend the parade in London on Sunday:
  Sergt. R. D. Parry, B Coy., Northop Hall
  Pte. T. H. Whitley, C Coy., Mold
  Pte. Charles H. Roberts,  D Coy., Nannerch

The 5th Flintshire Battalion will be represented by :
  Capt. G. A. Wright, Caergwrle
  Pte. L. Williams, Caergwrie
  Pte. Kibble, Holywell

(as published in the Flintshire County Herald, 8th December 1944)

Battn. Commander:  initially Lt.-Col. G. E. Hamelryk, O.B.E., and later, Lt.-Col. G. H. Young



Coy. Commander: Major Leo Schwarz. D.C.M.
Second in Command: Capt. D. A. Lewis, M.C.
Med. Officer: Capt. A. O. Jones
Coy. Qtrmstr.: Lieut. E. A. Price
Intelligence Officer: Lieut. E. N Williams, M.M.
Training Lieut.: Lieut. R. R. Fowler
Coy. Sgt.-Mjr.: J. L. Roberts, New Quay
Coy Q. M. Sgt.: H. Owen, Penymaes
Petroleum N.C.O.: Sergt. W. E. Gatherwood
Liaison: Sergt. J. Birchall
Gas N.C.O.: Sergt. W. Atherton
Transport: Sergt. N. G. Pierce
Intelligence: Corpl. E. L. Evans
Pioneer Corpl.: Cpl. A. E. Langley
German Interpreter: L/Cpl. A. E. Jones, Calcot
Orderly Room Clerk: Pte. B. P. Carney
Ass. O. R. Clerk: Pte. Ll. Williams. Providence Terr.
Q. M. Stores: Pte. T. Edwards. Bryn Mawr Rd.
2/Lt. W. T. Hughes,
N.P. Bank (transf. from A Coy. 3 Btn. Anglesey H. G.).

Seconded for Duty with Army Cadets.
Cpl. J. A. Johnson, “Plas Motfa”
Pte. G. R. Petrie, "Ingledene"

Seconded for duty with A.T.C.
Pte. T. F. Price, Nodder
Pte. R. F. Smith, 12 Woodland Drive

Women Home Guards
Miss E. M. Star (Q.M. Stores), Dest Drive
Miss M. T. Schwarz (Sigs.), “Naom Coln”
Miss B. Jones (Sigs.), Dee View Road
Miss H. J. Williams (Sigs.), St. Peter's Estate
Mrs Nora Dykins (Ordr. Office), “Gerddi Bruno”


Pl. Comdr.: Lieut. J. T. Jenkins
Pl. Sergt.:  H. Birch, "Marilyn"

D1 Platoon, Section 1

Sgt. F. Tooley (Sigs.), Fron Lodge
L/Sgt. Foster, "Aysgarth"
Cpl. T. W. Carney (Sigs.), Dewi Ave.
L/Cpl. J. O. Tweedie (Sigs.). "Cartref”
L/Cpl. E T Townley (Sigs). "Mayfield"
L/Cpl. J. Dyson, M.M., Abbots Lodge
L Cpl. A. Bailey, Coron. Est.

Pte. E. Bellis, Old P. O, Penyball
Pte. W. J. Blackwell, Highgate Cott.
Pte. G. H. Clark. Moor Lane
Pte. B. Cummins, St. Peters Est.
Pte. B. Davies, 1 Lily Terr.
Pte. J. Hibbert, 25 Hillside Rd.
Pte. C. Jones, 143 High St.
Pte. J. Jones, 54 Coron. Est.
Pte. J. E. Jones, 12 Park Lane
Pte. J. H Jones, Penyball
Pte. J W. Lloyd, Alun Square
Pte. P. McKay, Watts Dyke Av.
Pte. D. C. Nuttall, Panton Place
Pte. G. O'Reilly, Hillside Rd.
Pte H. Pendleton, Hillside Rd.
Pte. F Pratt, St. Winefred's Terr.
Pte. J H. Sale, Moor Top
Pte. R. O. Simon, 12 Coron. Est.
Pte. E Troughton, Merton Lane
Pte E. Williams, 52 Strand
Pte. J Williams. 41 Whitford St.
Pte. R Wynne, Saithaclwyd Av.
D1 Platoon, Section 2

Sergt. C. N. Lloyd, Milwr

Cpl. F. J. Abbott, Summer Hill
L/Cpl. J. G. Winter, Red Houses

Pte. E. S. Adams, Coron. Est.
Pte. E. Ashcroft, Trosymaes
Pte. R. Boyes, Deva Ave.
Pte. W. F Catherwood (S.B.), Strand Walk
Pte. F. Connah, Whitford St.
Pte. W. Dacre, Windsor Park
Pte D. S. Davies, Brynford Cott.
Pte. P. Davies, Castle View
Pte. C. E. Dyson, Brynmawr Road
Pte. A. Edwards, Sealand Ave.
Pte. W. Garrett, Brynmawr Rd.
Pte. R. G. Grahame, 31 Well St.
Pte. J. Hall, Grosvine, Penyball
Pte. J Hughes, Ivy House, Fron Pk.
Pte. A. E. Humphreys, Holway
Pte. T. Jones, 27 Coron. Est.
Pte. Wm. Jones, 21 Brynmawr Rd.
Pte. D H. Longmore, Fron House
Pte. J. N. Price, Coron. Est.
Pte. F. Ridge, St. Philomena Villa
Pte. C. H. Thompson, Sealand Ave.

D1 Platoon, Section 3
L/Sgt. W. Troughton, Moor L.
Cpl. J. O. Jones, M.M. (S.B.), 15 Primrose Hill
L/Cpl. J. P. Roberts, 13 New Rd.
L/Cpl. M. T. Thomas, Strand Ave.
Pte. E. Brace, Red Houses
Pte. J. Brace, Coetia Llwyd
Pte. P. Brown, Flower Cott.
Pte. W. J. Davies, 'The Mount’
Pte. T. Edwards, Whitford St.
Pte. G. T. Hooson, Watts Dyke Av.
Pte. E. James, Old Ab. Arms
Pte. B. Jones, 15 Merton St.
Pte. J. E. Jones, 13 Strand Walk
Pte. J. T. Jones, 5 Martins Rd., Milwr
Pte. J. T. Kendrick, Strand Walk
Pte. J. Latham, 4 Blue Bell Cotts.
Pte. W. Lewis, Hill Top
Pte. E. D. Luke, Martins Cotts.
Pte: T. A. Price, (Sigs.), Brynford
Pte. J. E. Roberts, (Cook), Hillside Rd
Pte. W. B. Wilkes, Bungalow. Milwr
Pte. B. G. Williams, Hillcrest
Pte. J. Williams, Clifton Hse.
Pte. Jos. Williams, Melbourne Hse.


Plat. Comdr.: Lieut. E. J. Lewis, Holway
Pl. Sgt.:
R. H. Jones, Greenfield Hall Est.

D2 Platoon, Section 1

Sgt. R. Jones, Halfway House. Brynceivn;
Cpl. J. Roberts, Greenbank
Cpl. G. Lancelott, Greenfield
Cpl. W. Sutcliffe, ‘Foleshill’

Pte. Sidney Auld, Brynmawr Rd.;
Pte. T. Davies, Crossfield Rd.
Pte. J. L. Dykins, Cairnton Cres.
Pte. J. W. Evans, Stokyn Lodge
Pte. A. V. Jones, Rayon Rd.
Pte. F. A. Jones, Isglan
Pte. G. Jones, 29 Coron. Est.
Pte. M. Jones, Woodcock Cotts
Pte. W. D. Jones, Stokyn Hall Farm
Pte. D. Lancelott, Brynmawr Rd.
Pte. H. Morris, Isglan
Pte. O. G. Rowlands, Strand. Av.
Pte. P. H. Smith, 17 Crossfield Rd.
Pte. J. E. Williams, 2 Blaencoed
Pte, W. A. Williams, 8 Glanydon Rd.
Pte. R. Winstanley, Dee View Rd.
Pte. R. T. Dennis, Heslop Cott.
Pte. H. Griffiths, Greenfield Terr.
Pte. A. R. Delahay, The Meadows

D2 Platoon. Section 2

Cpl. W. Jones, King's Ave., Greenfield
Cpl. J Jones, 4 Woodland Drive
L/Cpl. E. Charlton, 2 White Houses
L/Cpl. A. Harper, Mecca Est.
L/Cpl. T. Lancelott, Greenfield
L/Cpl. J. Ll. Williams, Coedlys, Penymaes

Pte. G. E. Barlow, Bala Ave.
Pte. J. Bingley, Crossfield Rd.
Pte. T. B. Blakeley, Victoria Rd.
Pte. T. L. Courtney, Strand Ave.
Pte. J. C. Davies, Watts Dyke Ave.
Pte. W. S. Dearden, Sundawn Ave.
Pte. P. Dykins, Battery Row
Pte. G. Evans, 10 Brynford Terr.
Pte. I. Ll. Evans, Sealand Ave.
Pte. R. Jones, 6 The Meadows, Greenfield
Pte. J. Lloyd, 18 Bala Ave.
Pte. E. O. Owens, Penrallt
Pte. R. A. Pickett, Greenfield Est.
Pte. J. E. Smith, Cartref, Brynsannon
Pte. G. H. Teale, Bala Ave.
Pte. E. H. Tapley, Llwyn Ifor Isa
Pte. J. D. Vickers, Allenby Villa
D2 Platoon, Section 3
Sgt. E. J. Williams, St. Peters Est.
Cpl. W. Jackson, 34 Coron Est.
Cpl. J. E. Williams (S.B.), Withington Hse.
L/Cpl. J. W Crofts, Deva Ave.
L/Cpl. J. H. Hughes, Strand Cres.
L/Cpl W. T. Jones, Maes-v-Coed
L /Cpl T. McGovern, Strand Walk
L/Cpl. J. H Parry, Woodland Drive
L/Cpl. H. C Williams, Delyn Rd.

Pte. Geo. Bailey, Greenfield St.
Pte. T. M. Bellion, 9 Cairnton Cres.
Pte. T. Boyes, 22 Bryn Mawr
Pte. B. Casey, 90 Riverbank
Pte. I. Davies, Trevor Houses
Pte. H. Evans, Greenbank
Pte. J. E. Evans, Mount Pleasant
Pte. G. Hall, Rhesycae, P. of Wales Ave.
Pte. G. T. J. Humphreys (Sigs.), Arllwyn
Pte. J. Johnstone, 48 Glan-y-don
Pte. C. P. Jones, Crossfield Rd.
Pte. G. H. Jones, Dee View Rd.

Pte. H. Jones, 13 Bala Ave.
Pte. R. A. Jones, Greenfield Cotts.
Pte. E. P. Morgan, 15 Delyn Rd.
Pte. Geo. Reece (Sigs.), Woodland Drive
Pte. A. Renshaw, 35 Brynmawr Rd.
Pte. I. Roberts, 43 Dee View Rd.
Pte. I. G. Thomas, 46 Well St.
Pte. S. H. Thompson (Sigs.), Penymaes
Pte. Geo. Urwin, Strand Crescent
Pte. J. H. Williams, 53 River Bank
Pte. S. B. Willis, Up River Bank

Plat. Comdr.: Lieut. D. Finlayson
Sec. in Command: 2/Lt B. J. Jones
Pl. Sergt.:
R. H. Douglas

D3 Platoon, Section 1

Cpl. W. R. Jones

Cpl. R. T. Williams
L/Cpl. W. T. Williams

Pte. Jos. Ames
Pte. A. B. Ashworth
Pte. J. P. Davies
Pte. T. Davies
Pte. J. P. Edwards
Pte. R. Edwards
Pte. R. W. Edwards, Babell
Pte. P. H. Evans
Pte. E. T. Hughes
Pte. R. S. Hughes
Pte. Trevor Hughes
Pte. T. Hughes, Bryn Cloddiau
Pte. C. Jones, Penyrardd
Pte. T. P. Main
Pte. R. C. Pritchard
Pte. John Roberts
Pte. P. Roberts
Pte. Tom Roberts
Pte. R. E. Ware
Pte. R. T. Williams, 2 Glasdir Ter.
D3 Platoon, Section 2

Sgt. F. Morris
Sgt. M. A. Pinder
L/Sgt. I. Jones
Cpl. D. F. Roberts
L/Cpl. F. Hughes
L/Cpl. J. O. Jones
L/CpL T. C. Parry

Pte. J. F. Courtney
Pte. P Davies
Pte. J. H. Hughes
Pte. D. Ll. Jones
Pte. Hefin Jones
Pte. L. G. Jones
Pte. R. M. Lloyd
Pte. A. R. Owen
Pte. J. E. Price
Pte. E. Williams
Pte. P. S. Williams
Pte T. Williams
Pte. Geo. Wright

D3 Platoon, Section 3

Sergt. W. D. Hulse
Cpl. W. E. Hayes
Cpl. A. Jones
Cpl. R. Owen
Cpl. R. H. Williams

Pte. S. F. Burns
Pte. A. L Cooper
Pte. John Davies
Pte. Landor Hughes
Pte. R. G. Hughes
Pte. G. Jones
Pte. Morris Jones
Pte. E. E. Matthews
Pte. A. E. Parry
Pte. R. E. Parry
Pte. R. W. Pendleton
Pte. R. H. Powell
Pte. W. R. Pritchard
Pte. R. Roberts
Pte R. T. Roberts
Pte. L. Scott
Pte. J. L. Smith



Plat. Cmdr.:
Lieut. W. R. Skelton. Penymaes

Sgt. J. Sandham, The Gowdal
L/Sgt. W. Hann, 87 Coron. Est.
Cpl. A. B. Randle, Dee View Rd.
Cpl. T. Renshaw, 3 Brynceyn Cotts.
L/Cpl. F. P. Joinson, Carmel
L/Cpl. W. R. Owen. Post Office, Greenfield

Pte. W. J. Alcock, Sealand Ave.
Pte. J. J. Barnes (Sigs.), Brynmair
Pte. E. Bowker, Meadow Bank
Pte. Wm. Brown, Woodland Drive
Pte. S. Butler. Crossfield Rd.
Pte. F. X. Clark, Talacre Cott.
Pte. F. H. Cox (Sigs), Coed Mawr Hall
Pte. R. P. Davies, Cefn Farm
Pte. S. Mac. C. Dykins, Gerddi Beuno
Pte. W. Evans. 15 Strand Walk
Pte. E. Jones, Coed Mawr
Pte. F. H. Griffiths, Station Rd.
Pte. H. Jones, 27 Mecca Est.
Pte. Hugh Jones, 16 Coron. Est.
Pte. J. Jones, 1 Mecca Estate
Pte. Rowland Jones, Crossfield Rd.
Pte. R. E. Hutchinson, Twll Farm
Pte. T. E. Hughes (Despatch Rider), “Rockfield”
Pte. G. Lewis, Prov. Terr.
Pte. J. F. Lloyd, Strand Walk
Pte. Wm. Ramsell, Strand Walk
Pte. Roper, Fron Pk. Rd.
Pte. H. Roberts, 4a Whitford St.
Pte. J. F. Saddington, West Drive
Pte. W. Simon, Merton Est.
Pte. S. Speakes, Old Chester Rd.
Pte. B. Tattum, Whitford St.
Pte. C. Thompson, Sundawn Ave.
Pte. E. Williams, “Belvedere”


Unit Cmdr.:
Sergt. E. Williams, Manor Pk., Flint

Pte. P. J. Carney, Woodland Drive
Pte. R. L. Conway, Coron. Est.
Pte. D. Ffoulkes, Park Lane
Pte. Geo. Frimstone, Strand Cres.
Pte. A. Hewitt. Victoria Bldgs.
Pte. A. Homesley, Park Lane
Pte. E. Hughes, Brim Awel
Pte. H. Jones, 15 Crossfield Rd.
Pte. Neville Jones, Chapel St.
Pte. Wm. J. Jones, Trevor Cotts.
Pte. D. Molyneaux, Woodland Drive
Pte. A. Thomas, 37 Glanydon Est.
Pte. N. Williams, 42 Coron. Est.

Grateful acknowledgement is made to the publishers and unknown journalists of The Flintshire County Herald newspaper who in 1944 created and made available the above valuable historical information.
Similar acknowledgement is made to Will Ward
(see also British Resistance Archive) for bringing this information to the attention of staffshomeguard; and to other sources of information including the Remember Britain's Home Guard Facebook group


In Memory of
and of

1st - 11th Denbighshire and Flintshire Battalions