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The old counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire in north-eastern North Wales, later in the 20th century part of the now "preserved county" of Clwyd,  were defended by eleven different Home Guard battalions, all part of Western Command.  They are listed below.

The boundaries of these battalions cannot be confirmed because no contemporary HG maps of territories seem yet to have surfaced.  But the area of responsibility of each will have been defined in part by the coast; and by the old county boundaries which existed before the later reorganisation and divided the counties from adjoining Caernarvonshire and Merionethshire and, across the border, the English counties of Cheshire and Shropshire. Within the counties of Denbighshire and Flintshire as a whole and within individual battalions, boundaries will have mirrored the local authority areas of the time.

Whilst Denbighshire and Flintshire were separate counties in the 1940s, the local Home Guard Battalions were closely linked under one command - from 1941 in the Denbigh and Flint Group of Zone 3, North Wales Area; and by 1944 in various Sectors of the Cambrian Sub District of the Mid West District of Western Command.

These are the battalions in 1944, their HQ location and their Commanding Officers in late 1944 (and in 1941 if different or applicable):

1st Denbighshire Battalion
- Colwyn Bay - Lt.-Col. R. Swayne, M.C. (originally Lt.-Col. T. South)

2nd Denbighshire Battalion
- Denbigh - Lt.-Col. J. R. Williams (originally Lt.-Col. R. C. Lloyd, D.S.O., M.C., T.D.)

3rd Flintshire Battalion
- Rhyl - Lt.-Col. G. H. Young (originally Lt.-Col. G. E. Hamelryk, O.B.E.
  Within this Battalion, the Holywell Home Guard: "D" Coy.

4th Flintshire Battalion
- Mold - Lt.-Col. J. W. J. Elliott

5th Flintshire Battalion
- Hawarden - Lt.-Col. J. MacCallum, O.B.E., M.M.

6th Denbighshire Battalion
Wrexham - Lt.-Col. J. Rankin (originally Lt.-Col. R. Roberts, O.B.E.)

7th Den/Flint Battalion
Overton-on-Dee - Lt.-Col. Sir G. W. Edward Hanmer, Bt.

8th Denbighshire Battalion
Chirk - Lt.-Col. The Lord Howard de Walden, T.D.

9th Denbighshire Battalion
Ruthin - Lt.-Col. W. Roberts (originally Lt.-Col. G. E. Roberts)

10th Denbighshire (ROF) Battalion
Marchwiel - Lt.-Col. R. G. Fenwick-Palmer

11th Denbighshire (Ministry of Food) Battalion
Colwyn Bay - Lt.-Col. L. F. C. MacLean

N.B. Designations in 1941 had been identical, except that:
- 9th Denbighshire Battalion was then called the 9th Flintshire
- 10th and 11th Battalions had not been created at that stage


Further information about the 3rd Battalion, in particular "D" Coy., the Holywell Home Guard, is available on an associated page of this website.

Published information about the Home Guard in Denbighshire and Flintshire is sparse and not all of it easily accessible. The only battalion histories known to staffshomeguard are:

- "Bureaucrats in Battledress: A History of the Ministry of Food Home Guard" (Conway, 1945, H Smith; reprinted by Naval & Military Press in recent years)
- "A Record of Service, No. 1 Battalion (Denbighshire) Home Guard" (Conway, 1943, J R Williams)
- "7th Denbighshire Flint Home Guard" (3pp, held by IWM)
- "Third Battalion Flintshire Home Guard" (ca. 1945, held by the IWM and probably elsewhere).

There is some information available online about the Denbighshire/Flintshire Home Guard and determined googling will uncover it. Below are a few of the relevant website pages with links (kindly provided by Will Andrew Ward); these include images of local Home Guard units and individuals, with a particular emphasis on Rhyl (these were all active in January 2022):
   Rhyl History Club Facebook Page

Grateful acknowledgement for help in assembling and interpreting the above information is made to Will Ward
(see also British Resistance Archive); and to other sources of information including the Remember Britain's Home Guard Facebook group, "Home Guard List" by Jon Mills and "Stand Down" by L. B. Whittaker (1990).


In Memory of

1st - 11th Denbighshire and Flintshire Battalions