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The firm of Sidney Flavel & Co. Ltd. had had a factory in Leamington since 1803 and been a major employer in the area, as a manufacturer of gas appliances. In the 21st century it retains an important presence there, operating under the name Rangemaster and claiming to be the oldest cooking appliance manufacturer in the world.

In the years of WW2 the factory was big and important enough to justify its own Home Guard platoon as well as other factory defence personnel. The Home Guard unit was part of the 1st Warwickshire (Warwick) Battalion commanded by Lt.-Col. J.H. Alexander, DSO, MC. Below is an image of members of the Factory Platoon; it may only show officers and NCOs. Names of some of the men, of all ranks, known to have served in this Platoon are shown at the foot of this page.

During the war years there was published a regular newsletter/magazine entitled:

A.R.P. and Defence Bulletin
Sidney Flavel & Co. Ltd.
Eagle Foundry

Three copies of this publication survive, Nos. 13 of 9th April 1942, 116 of 6th April 1944 and 145 of 26th October 1944 when clearly the Home Guard was very much winding down. They are reproduced below.

No. 13 of 9th April 1942

No. 116 of 6th April 1944


No. 145 of 26th October 1944

Amongst those known to have served in this Platoon - and who may well appear in the Platoon photograph at the top of this page - are the following men:

J. Ashfield, K. Baker, G. Barrett, L. Barton, W. Beeby, E. Bissell, A. Boraston, J. Brady, W. Brookes, W. Bull, Cpl. J. Bullimore, S. Bullimore, F. Bushell, R. Cane, L. Carling, F. Caswell, H Caswell, D. Chamberlain, E. Davies, S. Drabble, J. Elliott, W. Evans, C. George, D. Griffiths, A. Hodges, L. Holloway, A. John, W. Jones, R. Kane , C. Mills, P. Norman, Sgt. W. Parkes, R. Parsons, W. Payton, W. Pheasey (Snr.), W. Pheasey (Jnr.), A. Pratt, Cpl. A. Reading, F. Reading, Cpl. J. Redgrave, W. Redgrave, - Robertson, J. Rouse, B. Smith, C. Smith, H. Spittles, G. Stickley, R. Talbot, J. Watkins, W. Wells, D. Wright.

May they and their service be remembered

Grateful acknowledgement is made to Mick Ackrill, the owner of the originals of Nos. 13 and 145  who has kindly made copies available to staffshomeguard and permitted their publication; and similarly to an anonymous collector for No 116 and for the factory Platoon image.