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The British Pathe website contains some 3500 items from the Pathe Gazette which contains film shot between 1896 and 1970 and shown in British cinemas for much of that time. It includes at least 6 sequences about the Home Guard, each lasting between two and four minutes. Use the search function to see what is available. Use ....LDV... (rather than "Home Guard") to get some quick results.

The way of obtaining and using the site's material is not immediately obvious and needs a bit of effort to grasp. If you haven't the patience to work it out for yourself and only want a quick and easy view for personal use, here is a guide:

1. You can immediately look at "Stills" but any "Video File" - i.e. a sequence of film - you want to see, you have to "order"
2. To order, you need to register (but no credit card details are demanded)
3. You can then order the download of the specific files you have selected
4. The files come in different forms and for different purposes
5. Files of lower definition are "Preview Files". This is the default type when ordering
6. Preview Files are free-of-charge and you are (probably) a Non-Professional user
7. Your order for Preview Files will therefore be a nil-cost order
8. When you confirm your order, make sure that zero cost is shown
9. The file will then be downloaded.
10. You will also get an email with a temporary link back to the same file
11. You can of course purchase higher definition files at a cost
12. Subsequent use (e.g. reproduction or transmission) of the files is subject to many restrictions and you will need to look at the detailed Terms and Conditions

Despite all the above - which is easy enough when you have worked out how - the films are worth the effort!

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