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This parade of the Wellington Home Guard, the 5th Shropshire Battalion,  took place in the summer of 1942. It might well have been on the second anniversary of the founding of the force in May 1940.

The location of the view is not specified but will be recognisable to anyone who knows the town well. There is a picture which appears on another website (click here to view) which may well show the same parade and the location there is specified as Sutherland Avenue, Wellington, adjacent to Wrekin College. The officer taking the salute on that occasion is Captain E. Hunt.

It is almost certain that the men of the Wellington Railway Platoon, shown here, will have participated in this big parade.

Can anyone recognise and identify any of the participants? Or are they all to remain anonymous and forgotten?

We are indebted to the late Mr. Arthur Hounslow of Admaston for providing this fascinating picture.

Below is a higher definition version of the image.

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