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Kynoch Works at Witton was a huge North Birmingham factory where, from 1862 and in the ensuing 130 years, ammunition, non-ferrous metals and other products were manufactured. It was an enterprise of great significance, in peace and especially in times of war. A history of the Company throughout its life on the Witton and other sites up to the present day can be read on associated pages of this website.

In addition to the main Company history pages, other pages of this website refer to the WW2 years at Kynoch, especially:
Kynoch Works Home Guard - main page -  Kynoch Works Home Guard (a 1942 report) - Kynoch Works Home Guard (a 1944 image) - Kynoch Works Home Guard and Lt. E. Long - Kynoch Works: air raids - Kynoch Works WW2 Memorial - 46th Battalion Officers' List and 1944 Parade.
Also, postwar, see Kynoch People - 1961 and Kynoch Site Images - 1961


Here is a History of the Company, from 1862 to today
and from Kynoch to IMI

On the following pages is a short history of Kynoch, originally known as Kynoch & Co and later by many other names including G. Kynoch & Co. Ltd., Kynoch Ltd., Nobel Industries, ICI Metals Ltd., ICI (Metals Division), Imperial Metal Industries Ltd. and finally IMI plc - for a century and a half one of Birmingham's largest and best known companies which despite several transformations during its long life still retains its roots in Birmingham.


     SHORTCUTS:             1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010

  N.B.    The text of this History has been neither produced nor approved by IMI plc. It is based almost completely on published information and is the author's personal interpretation of events. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that it is accurate, no responsibility of any kind can be accepted by this website nor by the author for any errors or omissions which may have occurred. If however you can offer additions, corrections or other comment, these will be gratefully received. Please use FEEDBACK.  

The main sources for this History are:
  -  "Under Five Flags" published in 1962 by The Kynoch Press (for the period of 1862-1962; the author of this excellent and entertaining record, whose contribution was not acknowledged within the book, was Dorothy Thomas, an employee of the Company).
  - "A World of Engineering - The Story of IMI 1862-2001" by Ewan Fraser and John Metcalf, Good Books, 2002
  -  IMI Annual Reports
  -  Press Reports
  -  Memories of ex-employees

Acknowledgement is gratefully made to IMI plc for permission to use their copyright images.

Further Reading
- the two ICI/IMI publications mentioned above
- "Down the Memory Lanes of My Hafod" by J. Ramsay Kilpatrick with Felicity Kilpatrick. (Within an illustrated memoir of early life in Swansea, memories of the local copper industry and especially the ICI
Landore factory 1945 - 1949 - see for further information).

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