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Here are portraits of a few Kynoch people, photographed in 1961.

G. S. (Gabriel) Clay

H. M. (Harry) Myers

Eva King

R. P. (Robert) McCullough

-. Chadwick

-. Griffiths

B. Robinson

Sebastian Shaw - probably Engineering Manager (Thanks to Leon Coley)

Winifred Barker

E.E. Hodgetts

Jim Russell

Mr Dennis Steer writes (Nov. 2014):
I can confirm that this is indeed A.J.Russell.   Before joining the Royal Navy in 1942 I worked for about 2 years in the Commercial Engineering Department in the main office building close to the Witton Road entrance. This department was headed by Mr.J.J. Chandless and "Jimmy" Russell shared his office.  This website has resurrected some very happy memories of my time in the Witton works including the all-night snooker matches I played with colleagues when we were relaxing during a break in our firewatching duties when the German bombing raids were on.


Beryl Matkin - Maureen Hepworth - Hazel Hadley - Janet C. Chester

(? Brown ?)

Eve Midgley

T. (Tom) Witherspoon

Jessie Ashton - Unidentified - Annette Hirons

H. G. G. Challis

J. W. D. (John) Paton

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