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These messages were posted in the staffshomeguard Guestbook in the period 2005 - 2012 and include later Feedback messages added with visitors' permission since an active Guestbook was removed from the website. The most recent are displayed first.

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Ben George

Pam and I would like to thank you publicly for the wonderful way you have presented the photographs and other information we provided in the new feature on your website about my father, Major H.J. George and the  Bilston Battalion of the Home Guard. My son described it as a wonderful tribute to his Grandfather and we heartily concur. Thank you.
Ben George

19th February 2017 - Wolverhampton

Webmaster comments:
Ben, thanks so much for your very kind words.  But it is to you we owe the thanks - for making available the excellent photographs of the 34th Staffordshire (Bilston) Battalion and permitting their publication. Together we have created a modest memorial to your father and his service - and at the same time added to the general knowledge of the Home Guard in the West Midlands.
If other visitors to this website wish to look at the pages devoted to Major Horace George and his Battalion, please click here.


Julian Beach
Email address
Reference your Newborough/Fauld page, as a boy I knew Charlie Mosedale well, and his brother Les.

My father, John Beach, was agent to the Meynell family during the early 1960s when Charlie was an estate employee. After my father left the area, Charlie became gamekeeper of the local shoot and I have vivid and happy memories of beating the woods of the mid-Swarbourn valley (Brakenhurst, Coppice Plain, Birchwood, Cross Hayes etc.) with him, as well as his house on Maker Lane.

I hope Charlie and Les are both well.

12th May 2016     Gloucestershire

Webmaster comments: Although Charlie passed away some four years ago, we are delighted to learn that these comments have been passed on to Mr. Les Mosedale through the good offices of Mark Taylor.

Donald Walker
Email address

I have a silver cup awarded to Captain N Morrison April 30th 1943

6th February 2016 - Milngavie

Webmaster comments: Thank you, Donald. Capt. Robinson was Adjutant of the 2nd Worcestershire (Bromsgrove) Battn. An image of this cup and a transcription of the inscription can be seen here.


Toni Woodhouse-Hawkins
Email address

I am trying to find information of Edward Boylin based in Smethwick.  I don't know much more as he died well before I was born and died when my mother was 5 years of age.  We think we found a photo of him in the book of the History of Smethwick of the home guard.  I hope someone could help.  Thanks

5th February 2016 - Birmingham

Anthony Lane
Email address

Samuel Richard Lane (who worked at Austin Longbridge and was a victim of the November 1940 air raid on the works) was my grandfather. He was born in Birmingham but moved to Yorkshire prior to the 1911 census. He joined the army in 1913 and was demobbed, having been wounded, in early 1918. In 1940 he is listed on the electoral roll in Yorkshire so he must have moved to be part of the war effort. Not long before her death, Grandmother said that on the day he died he asked her to see him off, so she and my aunt waved him off down the street. He turned the corner and came back for a last wave. My grandmother said it was strange - he had never done that before.

3rd June 2015

Webmaster comments: Thanks for contacting us, Anthony. Yet another family tragedy. Mention of your grandfather occurs on the Austin Longbridge page of this website. He is listed in the Birmingham Air Raid Association records as living at the time of his death at 42 Ryde Park Road, Rednal.

Robert Meredith
Email address

Thank you for this web site; it is only in 2015 that I have been asking my mother about our family history. She is now 88.  I never knew my grandmother.  Doris Inwood was George Inwood's older sister

Thank you from myself and other members of our family.

25th May 2015 - Wolverhampton

Webmaster comments: It is very good to hear from you, Robert, We are glad that our modest attempt to commemorate George Inwood's heroism has been welcomed by you and your family. For the benefit of other visitors to this page, a description of this gentleman's incredible actions and self-sacrifice can be read on this page of the website.

Christopher Purtell
Email address

I am looking for information about my father. His name was James Patrick Purtell and I understand he belonged to the 5th Bucks Battalion, No. 4 Platoon, "D" Company, Denham Home Guard. He was a Lance Corporal.

If there is any information about him I should be glad to hear it.

23rd May 2015 - Moretonhampstead, Newton Abbott.

Webmaster comments: Thanks for contacting staffshomeguard, Christopher.  Unfortunately we can't offer much help, other than publicising your search here and pointing you to our Guidance page.  Good luck and please let us know if you find out more.

Steven Cooke
Email address

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my grandad served with the 44th Warwicks from 1940 to 1944 His name was William (Bill) Cooke and was with Lucas for many, many years, I believe as senior development engineer (motorcycle division)

I was wondering if anybody may have known him or has more info on him please.

9th March 2015 - Tamworth

Webmaster comments: Thanks for the information, Steve. Have a look at this guidance for tracing HG members. Also consider the Birmingham History Forum.

Rob Horrocks
Email address

Hello,  I have used the information about the Kynoch works on your website in a project i have been working on (googleable as "crossroadsofsabbath").

Briefly the project is a walking tour of Witton/Aston which focuses on sites relevant to the story of the band Black Sabbath during the period when members of the band were growing up on those streets. So, the Kynoch site is very relevant. In particular the Wellhead Lane entrance to the site is a stop on my walking tour and i make a feature of some of the information i have obtained here and various Birmingham history websites.

The photos taken in 1961 which you added in 2013 are excellent.

Thank you very much for making all this information available. Your work is magnificent!

28th February 2015 - Handsworth, Birmingham

Webmaster comments: Thanks for your kind words, Rob, and good luck with the project.

Catherine Coleman
Email address

I am seeking information on Home Guard motocycle dispatch riders in Smethwick area. In particular Mr.A. Humphries. I believe he and others formed Smethwick 30 Motorcycle Club after war.

16th February 2015 - Wolverhampton

Steve Bulmer
Email address

Apologies for not visiting in a while but still the top site

15th October 2014 - Pontefract Home Guard

Webmaster comments: Thanks and good to see you passing by, Steve! (Details of Steve's Pontefract HG unit can be seen on this page).

Email address

I was doing some family history and found that my husband's grandad was a member of the 17th Company 19th Middlesex Battalion Home Guard. I was wondering if you have or could help in ideas, photos etc for any information regarding this battalion of the Home Guard. I believe that one of his duties would have been to guard the Elstree tunnel. He served from March 1944 to December 1944 from the information I have found in his service record.

Great site its really helped with finding facts out about the Home Guard. Keep up the great work.

11th October 2014 - Buckingham

Webmaster comments: Thanks for your kind words, Linda. Have contacted you separately. Does any visitor to the site have information about this Battalion?

Jim Leyden
Email address

My father, William J. Leyden, served with the Newfoundland Foresters . Information is sketchy. I found his name on list of volunteers list on the Grand Bank site. I was told he was in the Scottish Home Guard even though it is not shown on the Grand Bank site. Is there a way to find out if he did or not?

5th October 2014 - Port Blandford NL

Webmaster comments: Regrettably the response is that there is no obvious way of finding out and that the task may difficult or even impossible. So many records have been lost. Our main suggestion would be to refer to this guidance page within the website, even though not every hint will be of use to someone living outside the U.K.

Roger Chown
| Email address

I am researching the life of a man called Richard Grey Delamere Lafferty. After leaving school in Essex he moved to 'Strathmore' Hillfield Road in Selsey and aged 18 was recruited at the Brighton Recruitment Centre on June 4th 1941.
If anybody has any additional information, I would be so grateful. At present I can find no link between his 'home' in London (Maida Vale) and his Sussex army beginnings.
From his Army Record (his number was 6216003) he seems to have been in the Home Guard for 323 days until joining the Indian Army on 8th May 1942

8th September 2014 - U.K.

Monica Scribbans
Email address

August 6, 2014: Through this Guest Book (see my original message below in 2005) I received an email over the weekend from a Clive Sampson in regard to the Scribbans family and Little Aston Hall. I have tried to return his email, but it keeps coming back as undeliverable. If Clive sees this post, can he please contact me again with another email or postal address so I can get in touch with him. I'm very interested in speaking with him. Thanks!
Monica Scribbans, Dartmouth, NS CANADA

13th August 2014 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Webmaster comments:  All efforts to contact Mr Sampson have failed. Could he contact Monica again, please, or get in touch with the Webmaster.

Ann Shaw
Email address

My father, Sidney James Nock, served in the railway Home Guard at Walsall Goods Shed in Long Street, Walsall during the 2nd World War. All I can remember is that he was one of the foremen on rotating shifts. He died in service in 1962.

3rd August 2014

Patricia Ellett
| Email address

I have my late father's Certificate of Proficiency Home Guard which shows that he was a member of G Company, 30th Battalion South Staffs Home Guard.  It is dated 3lst July 1944. His name was L/Cpl. Charles Adie. Many years ago I was told by a Mr.Hoole that my father was in his group and that they met at Mr. Hoole's home at Lynn Hall, Lynn Lane, near Lichfield.

Does anyone have any other information please?

2nd May 2014 - Hilton, Lichfield, Staffordshire

Helen Kempster
| Email address

I've been trying to find out more about the Home Guard in Kings Norton Birmingham.

Our Parish Archive (St Nicolas, Kings Norton) has several references to their presence in our Tudor buildings. In our Parish Magazines from the 1940s Cannon Dunn mentions the HG and "Mr Robinson" as having their base in The Old Grammar School. In 1942 they used the Church tower for observation, and in 1943 they were using the 'Saracen's Head' (built 1492!) for 'keep fit' training sessions and causing the old timber building to vibrate.

Having consulted your excellent website I've found that Kings Norton did not have its own HG, that Moseley HG, 24th Warwickshire(Birmingham)Battalion, was commanded by Major E H Robinson D.S.C.& M.C. I wondered if this was the same "Mr Robinson", and if Kings Norton was part of Moseley Battalion.

 Helen Kempster. Friends of Historic Kings Norton.

7th April 2014 - Birmingham

Helen Hendry
| Email address

I'm looking to find out where I can get any records relating to my dad I know he was in the home guard but not his number or where . (Maybe london or Birmingham) His name was Nicos Papa Charalambous any help would be appreciated.

Webmaster comments: our main suggestion would be to refer to this guidance page within the website.

22nd October 2013 - Glasgow

Neil Bennett
| Email address

I am keen to find out more information about my father's role in the Home Guard.  As a child growing up in South Africa, I never thought to ask him about the war effort, and I only came across this treasure trove of memorabilia after my mother's death in 2001. My father was JOSEPH WILLIAM BENNETT (born 16.06.1926) and he resided at 37 Great Russell Street, Hockley, Birmingham 19.  He enlisted at the age of 14 in the Warwick Home Guard's 22nd Battalion - E Coy. between December 1940 and December 1944. I have his three service medals and all the relevant papers that were issued in their regard.  I also possess a magnificent full photograph of the entire E company, which was taken in October 1941 by H.J. Whitlock & Sons, Photographers by Royal Appointment to the late King George V.  This information is clearly indicated on the photograph.  I have scanned these items and would love to share them with anyone who is interested, and who could furnish me with more information on this battalion.

Webmaster comments   Neil has subsequently supplied staffshomeguard with this fascinating information about his father's service. It forms the basis of a new website page here.

21st August 2013 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Andy Glenfield
| Email address

My hobby is to research places directly connected to the involvement of Northern Ireland in the Second World War. I have then visited these places and have built a website called "The Second World War in Northern Ireland" which I invite you to visit at .
The website is easily searched when looking for locations and has lots of photographs and information.

21st August 2013 - Northern Ireland

Sqn. Ldr. Tony Jukes, RAF (Retd.)
| Email address

I am carrying out a survey of military defences and activities in West Wales & West Glamorgan.  I am particularly interested in the HG units and their activity in my area.  I would like to contact CRM 6 and PEM 2 group/individuals.   Please let me know if I can be of help in support of your excellent website.

30th July 2013 - Carmarthenshire

Mike Buckless
| Email address

Hi - my name is Mike Buckless. My grandad was in the 25th Staffordshire Home Guard unit in Brewood. I have just got his WW2 British Defence Medal. Can any one help me with records or photos of the men in the 25th Battalion at Brewood? Any living members? My grandad's name was Herbert Anderson - very well known in Brewood. Thanks. Mike Buckless.

24th July 2013 - Western Australia

Webmaster comments   Any comment on the 25th Battn. would be very much welcomed by staffshomeguard too.

Gordon H. Baker | Email address

This is  only related to Witton Barracks. I was not old enough for the war but was an army cadet at the barracks 1944-45 and referred as 8th.We camped in Sutton Park at one time and practised rifle shooting at the Lickey Hills. I lost photos when on a house move.So disappointed none to show the children.

30th May 2013 - previously Aston, now Tewkesbury

Willem | Email address

Hello im Willem an i live in guys should think right now.what the hell is he doing here. I am a ww2 battlefield searcher equipted with a metal detector, and i want to tell you guys, that i found a stafforshire regiment button in groesbeek holland. Where was some realy hard fightings during world war 2.
I like to send a photo of the button and may be the spot where i found it, but i dont know where and how to add it.
Lots of respect for all the allieds who keeped our country german-free!! :) and let us live in peace.
I think the least i can do is let you guys now that i found this button, and i must say.i did a lot of searching on the internet for guys are hard to find.
Respect. greetings Willem.

10 June 2012 - South Holland

Webmaster comments   Thanks for contacting us, Willem, to tell us of your interesting discovery. We have emailed you separately suggesting that the Staffordshire Regiment Museum would also be interested to hear about it. Their website is shown on our Links page. Please let us know of any progress you make.

Jason Allen | Email address

My Grandfather William Herrington was with the 32nd south staffordshire homeguard.He worked the land and lived in Little Aston.I only have two memories of our conversations and he did not talk often of the war due to him losing his brother KIA Tunisia.He told me that he had been based on footherly moor where there was a mock up of birmingham using lighting (to fool the luftwaffe into dropping there bombs early in unpopulated area)He also talked of working in sutton park on anti-aircraft.I would be really greatful of any contact/information about my Grandfather.I have some items of interest ref:walsall homeguard and some homeguard items in my collection. I would really like to find a photo of my Grandfather.

15 March 2012 - Lichfield Staffordshire.

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you, Jason. Info about the 32nd Staffs (which was the starting point for this website) is rare indeed! Will contact you direct.

Catherine White | Email address

My Father, John ( Jack ) Perkins served with the Cannock Home Guard. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

28 December 2011 - Somerset-

Ray Hall | Email address

Kingsbury, North Warwickshire.
My father, George Hall, was a member of the Home Guard and he used to report to Kingsbury. Does anyone have any knowledge of Home Guard at Kingsbury or Hurley in North Warwickshire.

23 October 2011 - North Warwickshire


Dr. Derek Pinches | Email address

Does anyone recall my late father a Home Guard member called Sidney Pinches who at the time was an overhead linesman for West Midlands Joint Electricity Authority (predessor to MEB), based at Roushill, living in Sundorme Crescent later in Sundorne Road Shrewsbury. His brother in law was Leslie Wheeler also a linesman with WMJEA

I am tracing his history, his uncle my great uncle was awarded the VC during WW1. Thanks

15 August 2011 - Stafford1

Bruce Kipp | Email address

I had the privilege of serving at RAF Menwith Hill outside Harrogate from 1990-1994. As an amateur military historian I became interested in the Home Guard in Harrogate (5th West Riding Battalion) and did considerable research on the unit. I gathered many documents and interviewed several veterans of the unit, including the Commanding Officer of C Coy, Sir Cecil W. Aykroyd, from whom I obtained the complete defense plan for Harrogate as well as other info about the battalion. Unfortunately, the link to contact the Home Guard reinactment group in Harrogate on this website doesn't work on my computer. Would you please have them contact me?

6 August 2011 - Billings, Montana, USA

Webmaster comments   Thanks for this interesting information, Bruce. Have forwarded your request to the Harrogate group. If you feel that in the future you would like an online platform for some of your Harrogate information, please contact staffshomeguard.

Shirley Sura | Email address

Thank you so much for this information. I was looking for information about my Grandfather Thomas Granger who was in the Fire Service in Birmingham, probably Aston in the Second World war. Although I did not find anything about him I enjoyed the sad/happy information.
Thank you again for this facinating and fantastic site.

14 July 2011 - United Kingdom

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Shirley. Consider mentioning your search in the Birmingham History Forum -

Webmaster | Email address
Calling Bob Wells who sent an incomplete Feedback message to staffshomeguard. Please contact us again with a return email address.
6 June 2011

Kathy | Email address

Great site. I am looking for any info on my grandfather Harold Budd who was in the home guard in Wolverhampton. I dont know what unit ot where to find the detail.

28 May 2011 - New Zealand

Webmaster comments   It's difficult, unfortunately, Kathy! Have a look at our "Searching for HG Members" page which gives a few pointers. (Go to Site Map and find the link under "General Information Pages"). And DO let us know if you make progress.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We have also responded in more detail via separate email but the email address provided is not functioning. Please contact the website again via Feedback. Thanks

Duncan | Email address
I'm currently carrying out some research for a new BBC2 History series. We are looking at the home guard for one of the programmes. I would love to hear from anyone who formed part of the home guard during WW2 or from people whose ancestors have stories to tell about their experiences in or with the service. It would also be good to speak to any experts on the subject. Please feel free to contact me directly: 0161 244 3633. Many thanks, Duncan

16 March 2011 - BBC Manchester

Andrew sutton | Email address

Hello i found this site very interesting having been doing a little re
search regarding meir h.g i have the challenge cup in my collection presented by l.a.v plumpton,cheers Andrew

28 February 2011 - west yorks

Webmaster comments   Many thanks for the feedback, Andrew. Any chance of an image/further interesting information which could be included on the Meir page?

Andy | Email address

Great site. Keep up the good work. 12 October 2010 - UK

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Andy.

linda hayler | Email address

Hi All,
I am trying to track any info on a Harry Christmas who lived in Eastbourne Sussex in the early 50's who played darts with my dad. Harry was in what dad called "CCoy" which he explained was C company home guard. Any info gratefully received.

Linda Hayler 13 August 2010 - Eastbourne, Sussex, England

Barry M Jones | Email address

I am doing research into Lt Col Alfred George deQuervain Colley, I/C 39th Warwickshire HG. He was Managing Director of Parkinson Stoves, Stechford.
Did they have their own Battalion HG? And does anyone know of the 'secret war work' Parkinson Stoves carried out with Major Arcedekne-Butler, ex Royal Signals?
Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?! Many thanks.

30 May 2010 - East Sussex

Donald (Chip) Brookes | Email address

I've been reenacting 7th Bn Black Watch, I am now a little long in the tooth. I am considering pensioning myself off, but want to continue in the Home Guard. Probably Perthshire for obvious reasons.

May I assume that the information in this site would be applicable to a Scottish Home Guard Unit?

My compliments to you. This is a terrific website. 28 May 2010 - New Hampshire, USA

Webmaster comments   Welcome, Chip, and good luck with your transfer to home defence.

Chris Merrett | Email address

Could anybody please help me?
I am the son-in-law of L/Cpl Brian Edward Boyle Thompson, D Company 19th Battalion Heathfield Sussex Home Guard. Brian passed away some time ago. I have found some old photos of the Officers and men of this Unit. The photos were taken by H C Deal South Street Eastbourne 1944. Could anybody please put me on the right path to find out the history of this Battalion. I would be more than willing to copy the photos and pass onto anyone.If there is any one out there who could come back to me on e-mail I would be very grateful.

10 February 2010 - Worthing West Sussex England.

Bob Pooler | Email address

I am researching the Worcestershire Constabulary between 1839 and 1967. The war period is a particularly interesting time and I am keen to learn from anyone who has information about the police activities in the county during the hostilities. If you can help in any way I would be pleased to hear from you. Photos are particularly welcome.
Thanks Bob

26 December 2009 - Pershore, Worcestershire

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Bob?
(Sorry for the delay in the appearance of this message).

Michael Backhouse | Email address

Hello. I wonder if anyone can point me in the correct direction. I am trying to find high quality reproduction Home Guard County and Battalion badges. Having no luck anywhere. If anyone can help I would be really grateful. Thanks! Mike

16 November 2009 - Buckinghamshire

Wayne | Email address

Dear all

I am currently in the research stage for a dissertation which centres around the Home Guard and how it is represented in current and past media, Dad's Army being a perfect example.

As part of this I am looking for living people who have served in the Home Guard. I appreciate that any such people will have been too young to serve in the regular army at that time and may have spent some time in the Home Guard as a result.

I would appreciate any help, including any direction that anybody could provide.

Regards Wayne

30 October 2009 - Northants

Webmaster comments   Let's hope that an ex-Home Guard who looks at this Guestbook will be able to help Wayne.

Lesley Worthington | Email address

My grandfather Charles Henry Moore was a member of the Home Guard. He was killed 30/9/1940 while on duty, and I believe was the first Home Guard to be killed in the war. Is there any information to support this claim? Thank You

15 July 2009 - Florida USA

Webmaster comments   Sorry for the delay in the appearance of this message, Lesley. Shall contact you direct.

Richard Williams | Email address

Hi, Fabulous site. I met Chris in Swansea today, great guy to chat to. He knew of us in the Glamorgan Home Guard, and It's great to see our link on the site. When I have time, I will explore the rest of the fabulous site. Great Work !!!

11 July 2009 - Glamorgan

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Richard. Good to meet you and your comrades. And glad that the weather was so much better for you all on the Sunday. ATB.

Julie McKee | Email address

Section Leader Alfred Henry George BRUNGES and Patrol Leader Charles William Lovelace TOZER were awarded the George Medal for their work during an air raid on 26th October 1940.

My mother who lived in Lozells, told me about this air raid. She was in the Villa Cross Picture House on this night. When the sirens sounded some people went to shelters at the Cinema but some went to the shelters across the road that were later flooded. Luckily for her she ran along the Lozells Road and home ducking into the shop doorways as she went. She told me that a great many people lost their lives that night.

3 May 2009 - Birmingham

Webmaster comments   Thanks for that memory, Julie.
(Julie is referring to a page under Other Memories/Warwickshire/Birmingham, Aston - go to it via Site Map)

Bill Broughton | Email address

Just to let you know that today (19/3/09) my wife Brenda (nee Duffett) found a photograph of her father Don Duffett on your website in the section related to the Crabbs Cross Redditch Home Guard (Second World War).
Sadly he died on 25/12/2003 aged 83. His wife and 3 married children still live in Redditch.
A fantastic website. Well Done!!!

19 March 2009 - I live in Hunt End, Redditch, Worcs.

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Bill, just the sort of feedback it's good to hear!

PS 20/7/09 Bill - I think there was a hiccup and your message never appeared. V. sorry about this but thanks again

Nick Giles | Email address

I am researching the uniform worn by employees of the Hercules factory, Rocky Lane,Aston,Birmingham,serving in the Home Guard,their unit being the 25th Warwickshire(B'Ham)Battalion,D Company.Does anyone know what uniform insignia would have been worn? Did the 25th Warks.have its own shoulder titles? Was there any form of Hercules insignia worn?
Would be very grateful for any information, book titles, photo sources etc.

17 March 2009 - Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Webmaster comments   You have presumably found the page devoted to the Hercules unit within this website, Nick. The images on it don't suggest anything special. It may be possible to ask a surviving member of this unit the question - contact us if you would like to pursue this.

Pete Keane | Email address

Hi, What a pleasure it has been to read through your site. Its great to see that everyone's contribution can be remembered.

A quick question - I am researching a battalion of the South Lancs Regiment, I have been told that the local Home Guard (warrington) would have worn South Lancs cap badges/collar dogs - is this correct, or would the Home Guard have their own battalion badges?
This obviously helps when I am trying to identify members of the South Lancs from old photo's!

Regards Pete

16 March 2009 - Somersetshire.

Webmaster comments   Good to hear from you, Pete. My understanding is that, with very few exceptions, the HG battalion adopted the cap badge of the regiment to which it was affiliated. An excellent source of information on who was linked to whom is here:
The members of the WII Reenacting Forum are a mine of information on insignia, uniform and equipment if you have any follow-up queries (let me know if you need the link).

James Hufford | Email address

Hi there I'm not sure if you can help me But my uncle (William Hufford) was in the Huntingdonshire Home Guard and my father was in the Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire infantry and moved on to the 4 Commando unit. I'm really realy keen to learn more about them and try and get maybe a picture? Any advice or help would be really appreciated. p.s this is the easiest site I've found.

25 February 2009 - England /cambrideshire

Webmaster comments   Thanks, James. Can anyone help?

Frances Spong | Email address

My Great Uncle (Bill) William Clarke was in the Home Guard in Easton Huntingdonshire. I would be very interested in any info on this unit.
Thank you.
P.S Super website

22 February 2009 - Surrey England

Webmaster comments   Can we help Frances about units in Huntingdonshire? Staffshomeguard has nothing on file. And thanks for your kind words, Frances

Eric Lees | Email address

Nothing seems to be said about the Manchester Home Guard unit based at Debdale water works reservoirs at Mawson Hall. I remember as a schoolboy going there in 1959 and finding a large dump of smoke canisters dated 1944. I can only assume they were used to cover the reservoirs in an air raid attack. There was evidence of a slit trench also but I can find no reference as to the name or number of this Home Guard unit. Can anyone help, please?

29 January 2009 - Nelson, Lancs.

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Eric? Please reply via staffshomeguard using 'email address' above.

Arthur Jones | Email address

My father, Percy Arthur Jones of The Bungalow, Pound Lane, Hanwood, Nr. Shrewsbury served in one of the local H.G. units from near its inception until stand down. He died in 1949. I was 5 at that time. His unit would probably have been Hanwood, or Cruck Meole if they had one. Several requests to the department holding details of those serving in the H.G. have all been ignored. As I can barely remember my father, I would be delighted if anyone can provide me with any information relating to these years of his life. Many thanks.

11 January 2009 - Shrewsbury area

Webmaster comments   Can any visitor to this website help Mr. Jones?
(The webmaster would also be interested to hear any information about this or other Shropshire units).

William Elkington | Email address

Not sure how to put an advert onto your forum and wondered whether you could do something for me. Much obliged if you can.
We are looking for some Home Guard units to man 3 checkpoints throughout the village for Sat 29th and Sun 30th August 2009. It will be letting villagers in and out of the village that are not taking part and checking ID cards for the event. Real life situations as they were in the 1940's. For those that are interested could they please get in touch.

9 January 2009 - Lincolnshire

Webmaster comments   Can visitors to this site help support this event? Please contact William direct if you can.

David Griffiths | Email address

I am trying to find out some information about my father (John Edward Griffiths), who I believe was in the Home Guard in or near Oswestry in the early years of WW2, & would appreciate any help which can be offered. I have 2 photographs, 1 of my father on his own (in uniform), & the other with his fellow members, possibly taken in the Drill Hall. Many thanks, David Griffiths

13 December 2008 - Oswestry

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help David? Please respond either direct or via this website using Feedback.

Jeremy Flack | Email address

Further to my message below, has anybody compiled a list of all of the Home Guard Battalions, their Companys, Platoons and locations? Can you help with your local units?

I am putting together a database of these as part of this Military Heritage project but details are very patchy.

Most Home Guard Battalions produced a book at the end of the war. Does anybody have any of them. Would it be possible to get a photo copy or scan?

You can contact me on milstructures20thc at


Jeremy 22 July 2008 - Swindon, UK

Webmaster comments   I think it would be pushing it a bit to say that most battalions produced after stand-down a book of their activities ; but certainly a number did. I believe that someone is shortly to publish a complete list of these. Their contents vary in detail, from a general outline of activities to much more detailed information on structure and personnel. The vast majority of surviving copies are in private ownership but a copy of many are lodged in the IWM and/or the British Library. S.P.Mackenzie's book - see our Links and Further reading Page - details a number of these histories which were used in the author's research.
The excellent website - again, see Links - lists all Battalions throughout the UK. The only readily available source of personnel is the published Home Guard List for 1941 which lists officers (not NCOs) for each battalion but gives no information on specific responsibilities (see Links as well)

Jeremy Flack | Email address

I am working on a project to create a photographic record of locations across the UK that have a military connection. So far I have identified over 19,000 locations.

I am currently researching the Home Guard and would be interested to hear from anybody who can accurately identify locations used by the Home Guard such as Drill Halls, HQs, Road Blocks, Tank Traps, Pillboxes, Rocket sites etc. If you have photos I am keen to incorporate them in a then and now section.
Details of this project are on my temporary website which can be accessed by entering "20th Century Military Structures" into Google. It is the one which starts with freewebs

You can contact me on milstructures20thc at Thanks

Jeremy 29 June 2008 - UK

Webmaster comments   Can we help Jeremy?

ALLEN WILLIAMS | Email address

My father David Williams served in a "Z" Rocket Battery 220 AA Wilts from a site in Upper Stratton [near Swindon] the aim was to bring down enemy bombers flying up to the midlands, I have a photo of the group,only now am I learning of these weapons that he served on. Sites such as yours will help to educate these later generations.

26 June 2008 - North Wiltshire

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Allen. We hope that you will tell us more.

Harry Quinn | Email address

hello there like the site very well edited
i was just wondering if you could send me some website links where i can buy original or repro home guard equipment because im joining WR 28 Haworth home guard
ive left my email address - get back to me asap

18 May 2008 - west yorkshire


Andrew Fullerton | Email address

I recently unearthed a photo of the 1st Warwickshire (Warwick) Battalion in which my father served, and webmaster Chris has done a fantastic job incorporating his story on this site. Thank you so much, and I hope anyone else with a serving relative might be able to spot a familiar face in the line up.

27 April 2008 - London

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much for providing the fascinating information in the first place, Andrew. Visitors to the site can see Andrew's father's story by navigating via Site Map (link above)/Other HG Units - Warwickshire/Warwick. Any further identifications please?

anthony james | Email address

my father Frank James was in the home guard during the war he lived in great warley cannock is there any way i could find out any information about him.

16 April 2008

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your message, Anthony. Tracing individuals is not easy but there are a few tips provided in the website. Find the page by going to Site Map (above), then General Pages/General Information/Searching for Individual HG Members. Good luck and let us know more about your father's service, when you can.

John Green | Email address

Found this site whilst looking for information on the US Logistical corps stationed in Tettenhall, during the build up to the Normandy Landings. My dad was in the Tettenhall Home Guard being in a protected occupation. I think their HQ was Stockwell House, as my dad lived with his parents, who were steward and stewardess during the war at South Staffs Golf Club.
His middle brother, Dennis Green (known by many all his life as Jim Green), went into the Royal Navy and was awarded the Oak Leaf and his youngest brother, Graham Green, went into the Merchant Navy and was awarded the Lloyds Bronze Medal. I believe another member of the HG at Tettenhall was Les Powner.

7 April 2008 - WOLVERHAMPTON

Webmaster comments   Thanks, John.
John's information has been repeated and expanded in the Staffordshire section of this site. Go to Site map (see link above)/Other HG Units/Staffordshire/Wolverhampton.

Les Dear | Email address

I am trying to find a group photo of the Wormley Home Guard HTS3. My Great Grandfather William Frederick Dear and Great Uncle Percy Dear served in this unit. Another Great Uncle,Walter Dear, served in the Cheshunt Home Guard.
Any help or ideas would be great.
Regards to all and your site is superb, have spent ages just reading articles and have bookmarked the site so that I can return time and time again.
Les Dear

28 January 2008 - Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your kind words, Les. Glad you have found something of interest. I've taken the liberty of mentioning your quest within the Hertfordshire (F-L) section of the site.

Lyn | Email address

I came across your site by chance. My father (John Side) who is now 84,was in the Ramsgate Home Guard and also served in Africa and Italy during ww2, asked me yesterday if I could find out what happened to an old friend of his from his Home Guard days. His name was Alfred Wood, and on his call up, went on to join the Royal Marines. My father went into the Royal Artillery.
It has amazed me that so little is available on the internet about the Home Guard/Local Defence Volunteers, or as my father to refered to it, look, duck and vanish.

Keep up the good work. Lyn Davis

20 January 2008 - Broadstairs, Kent England

Webmaster comments   Thanks for visiting the site and your comments, Lyn. Tracing old HG members is not easy: there are a few tips in the General Information section of this website. Go to SITE MAP (link below)/General Information

David Cobham | Email address

My grandfather Leslie Daniel Vernon served in the Homeguard in Cannock during the war. He was known as Dan and was the manager of Salmon's grocers in Cannock from what I recall.
If anybody has any memories or photographs to share I would love to hear from you.
Thanks David Cobham

7 November 2007 - Albrighton Wolverhampton Uk

Webmaster comments   Thanks for making contact, David. Tell us more, when you can.

Andy Diss | Email address

My grandfather, JR Brosch, in the Sutton Coldfield Staffordshire Home Guard a captain we believe. .He was mentioned in a page on the site.

I have posted a couple of pictures of him and other members of the Home guard on my family site under John Reardon Brosch.

Hope they are of interest  Andy Diss

25 October 2007 - Sussex

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Andy.
A page dedicated to Capt. John Brosch is now included within this website. To find it, go to SITE MAP (link below)/Other HG units/Warwickshire/Sutton Coldfield

V lundrigan | Email address

Looking for a site where you can search for possible children of newfoundland forestry and\or home guard men who were in Scotland during World War II

17 August 2007 - Canada

Webmaster comments   Sorry for the delay in the appearance of this message - it got muddled up with spam.
You've probably done so, but in case not, have you contacted Cliff Pike at the NOFU site for advice?

Lee Davis. | Email address

I am searching for any information about my father,Alfred Davis,during his Home Guard service.
He died in 1985,when I was 16,so any stories about him will fill in a lot of blanks in my knowledge about him.

4 May 2007 - Godalming,Surrey,UK.

Webmaster comments   Thanks for your message, Lee.
Obviously you can get from this website and others, as well as from many books, a good idea of the sort of duties your father would have performed. Establishing details of particular individuals is however very difficult. But please see below......
We're also publishing your appeal under Surrey, Kingston where we understand your father was a member of the HG. (See under "All Other Counties - M-S" via the Sitemap).

27th November 2007 - we've added a page dealing with the difficulties of tracing old HG members and giving a few tips. Navigate to it via Sitemap/General Pages/General Information/Searching for Individual Home Guard Members.

Colin Walsh | Email address

I enjoyed finding mention of my Father's Home Guard service in Scotland throught the Overseas Newfoundland Forestry Service. He married my Mother there and brought her back to Canada. She was a Scottish War Bride. He was in the 3rd Inverness (Newfoundland) Battalion Home Guard. They had five children. My Mother was in Forestry as well, in the Women's Land Army. (The forgotten Army)

11 March 2007 - Toronto, Canada

Webmaster comments   Thanks for making contact, Colin.
Much information on this unit and its members can be found on the excellent NOFU website - there is a link to it from this site via the Site Map page (link above) under "Invernessshire". Colin has also most generously provided more details and images in connection with his father's HG service. These now appear on a separate page of this website. Again, navigate via "Invernessshire" to find it.

Rose Hadley | Email address

I found your site whilst trying to find information on my Dad's regiment 35th Staffordshire (Sedgley) Battalion. I have found the information very interesting and informative.
If anyone has any further information about the 35th's and especially Private 350740 Ron Withers I would be delighted to hear from them.

1 February 2007 - Penkridge, Staffordshire

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Rose? Please contact her direct or through this website. Some information on Ron Withers's service can be seen on this website under "Staffordshire" - go to Site Map and then "Wolverhampton - Specific HG Units" to find it. Or use the site's Search facility.

Wendy Barr | Email address

Hi, A plea for help here please. My Father is William George Bridges 81yrs. He was in the home guard at Smethwick in around 1940/41 prior to joining the merchant navy.He cannot remember where he was based or what company it was, but he worked on the railways at the time. He wondered if there was a unit either attached to the railways or based at Bournville. I have tried the Smethwick home guard old comrades club but it is just a social club now and they say they have no records.My brother has just applied for some war medals that my father didn't receive at the time (he was still serving overseas, and then forgot about them) and in the paperwork received it asks for all his details regarding his term in the home guard. As you can appreciate at 81 his memory isn't as good as it was, so could any of your readers point me in the right direction please?

21 December 2006 - Cannock England

Webmaster comments   Can anyone help Wendy and her father? If so please email her direct or, if you prefer, provide information and/or comment via this website.
There is now some guidance on this website about finding information on individual Hoem Guards. Go to SITE MAP (link above)/General Information.

David Timmins | Email address

What a great site my Grandfathers were both Home Guard Wolverhampton 22 Battalion and I am trying to piece together info as I still have my Maternal Grandfathers Bayonet, proficiency certificate and disbanding photo. I am putting together Uniform for re enactment. Can you tell me what cap Badge the S Staffs wore any info would be most usefull

20 November 2006 - Wolverhampton

Webmaster comments   Thanks, David. It's the Staffordshire Knot badge, I believe. I'm always very pleased to receive any information about Staffs H.G. members.

Mary Harvey | Email address

What a wonderful site and such a tribute to the HOME GUARD.
My grandmother's brother, CORNELIUS BENNETT (NOFU No.0567), stayed in Scotland after the war, married a lass ELIZABETH and had sons NEIL and ALEX. Cornelius's immediate family are all passed now, the last sister passed away last month at 91 yrs. I would love to get in touch with some of Cornelius's sons or grandchildren.
Keep up the wonderful work. GOD BLESS.

30 September 2006 - NEWFOUNDLAND-CANADA

Webmaster comments   Thank you, Mary.
Cornelius Bennett was a member of the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit and worked throughout the war in Scotland. He was also a member of the Home Guard battalion formed from these groups of men. Please go to the section of this site entitled Memories and Information - All Other Counties (via "Site Map" above) and find Invernessshire to read more of the fascinating story of this little-known organisation. Or use the site's Search facility.

Tessa Wood | Email address

I was very interested in Mr A Banbury memories of the 23rd Staffords,Wolverhampton.
My husband's uncle was 2ND Lt. Cecil N.Wood and was in this unit.I have two photos of the unit, one with names, mainly officers. Tessa Wood

5 June 2006 - Walsall

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much, Tessa. It's good to know that SOMEONE is still looking at the site!!
Further note (23 June 06): Thanks to Tessa's generosity, interesting information about 2/Lt. Wood and the 23rd Wolverhampton Battn. as a whole can now be seen in the Memories and Information - Staffordshire section of this website.

Sgt Y

May I just add my comments to your guest book,I have read the complete site and have been throughly entertained and enlightened by your fantastic website which is a fitting tribute to the Home Guard!As a currently mobilised soldier,I can assure you that most experiences are as relevant today as they were then.

30 December 2005 - Operational

Webmaster comments   Thanks v. much, Sgt. Y., and do please keep coming back - several updates are imminent!

Michael Ackrill | Email address

Without doubt the best Home Guard site I have visited,Good work and thankyou

4 December 2005 - Kent

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much for your kind words, Michael - most encouraging.
Later note: Mick Ackrill has subsequently made a huge contribution to this site by generously allowing the appearance of a large number of training manuals and other material from his collection to appear on the site. A Home Guard enthusiast who is happy to share his treasures with the world at large! Please see the Training Manuals section and other parts of the website.

Dave Pemberton

Hi. I came across your website from the link on Ian Sanders' pillbox site, and I'm glad I did. You have a stunning site, amazingly well laid out and full of information. Well done to everyone concerned. Good luck and keep up the great work!

10 September 2005 - Wolverhampton

Webmaster comments   Thanks, Dave, much appreciated.

Monica Scribbans | Email address

In the course of doing some research on our own family, the Scribbans', I came across your website. I'm enjoying the article of Graham Myers' memories, and in particular the references to Little Aston Hall and my distant cousin's wife, Ada Scribbans. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers the Hall at that time, or who might have photos of the War years there. Great site, and I'm looking forward to going back for a second look, as I find it very interesting in and apart from my own research.

22 August 2005 - Nova Scotia, Canada

Austin J. Ruddy

Congratulations on a wonderful website! There seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the Home Guard as of late. Today a national memorial was unveiled to the Home Guard at Torquay (even though they got the dates on the memorial stone wrong! - which incidentally is shaped like an anti-tank 'dragon's teeth' block!). I have written a book called 'To The Last Round: The Leicestershire & Rutland Home Guard 1940-1944' which will be published early 2006. There's many great action photos in it. Long live the Home Guard!

11 August 2005 - Leicester, UK

Webmaster comments   Thanks very much, Austin, and good luck with the book. If you would provide details at the appropriate time we'll include them in the Links/Further Reading page. (Later note: please see the Other Counties/Leicestershire section of the website).

Russell W. Barnes | Email address | Website

An excellent and informative site; well done!

19 June 2005 - Skelton, Penrith, Cumbria

Webmaster comments   Russell's site on Workington, Cumbria and its Home Guard is highly recommended. Find it via the link above or the LINKS page on this site

david bygraves | Email address

just found your site as a HG historian i must say i found it very interesting I;ve got the book on your next door neibours ie Tetenhall area keep it up

27 May 2005 - Arlesey Beds.


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